April 06, 2006

Women Hides Pregnancy, Hides Baby in Field

baby in basket.gifIn a story that doesn't follow on particularly neatly from Viktor Orbán's TV proclamation that starting a family ain't as easy as it used to be, the mother of a child who left her baby in a field has been identified. Gabriella Vajda had called the ambulance herself somewhere between Nyírgelse and Szakoly in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County. The 22-year-old had kept her pregnancy a secret from her partner and his family because she "was afraid that there would be a fuss."

Local villagers have been chewing the fat over the strange incident ever since the news broke on Saturday. Színes Bulvár Lap says they can't understand why she denied the pregnancy, after all, her partner's parents are well off and keep livestock. "We were selling sheep at the market that day, but Gabi complained of stomach cramps," explains Zoltán Török, the little boy's grandfather. "You'd have thought she would give birth to a healthy boy." Apparently, the family had been too polite to press Vajda on her weight gain, and she had claimed that "everyone puts on weight in winter." The couple, who already had one child, were not planning on a second. So, maybe Orbán was right last night.

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