April 25, 2006

Hollywood Investigator Caught Tapping Up Hungarian Soft Porn "Star"

monika zsibrita.jpgGiven the shameful scarcity of Hungary-related news from anywhere further afield than Romania, it is important to pounce on any sniff of a story, even if we've never heard of the Hungarian implicated. So what, the folks at the LA Times have and name Hungarian Perfect 10 model Monika Zsibrita (pictured showing off those perfect 10s) is "the biggest celebrity name thus far" to be implicated in a wire-tapping and racketeering scandal involving hotshot private investigator Anthony Pellicano and comedian Chris Rock.

The nub of the article, which you can read for yourselves, is that Rock hired Pellicano to dig up dirt on and generally be a nuisance to Zsibrita to help iron out a paternity battle, which has since been resolved in Rock's favor. Well, we wouldn't mind following busty Monika (busty is an overused word in journalism, but it certainly applies here) around for a while, but we'd like to think we'd stop short of breaking into her home and nosing around in police files. Tut, tut, tut, Mr Pellicano.

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