November 03, 2005

Hollywood Heartbreak (II): Ex-Miss Hungary Savagely Dumps Vin Diesel!

i-dumped-vin.jpgOMG! OMG! Miss World Hungary 2000 Judit Kuchta has dumped Vin Diesel for a Hungarian businessman ID'd only as Lajos. "Lajos is the first man in my life who I feel is more important than me," Kuchta told Vasárnapi Blikk, adding that the two are getting married in Rome next May. Kuchta, 26, met the 38-year-old bald and ethnically indeterminate American star of "xXx" and other schlock hits (and notable DVD Hungarian language tutor) at a party in Saint Tropez, where Kuchta told Diesel he should talk to her girlfriend, because the other woman had a crush on him. "He is an attractive man, especially his voice, it makes you melt immediately, but I never really got the fever," Kuchta said. "He must have taken that as a challenge."

Diesel and Kuchta dated for a year, during which he apparently did everything he could to win her heart. "Vin is very gallant," she continued. "He always sent me a first class plane ticket, a limo and even rented a private plane just so I could hurry to him. I enjoyed that he carried me in his palm, but I didn't bond with him emotionally, and that hurt him. For example, he was sad that I always got out of bed early, so he couldn't cuddle me."

Last time when Diesel sent her an SMS that there was a surprise waiting for her in her hotel room, it turned out that he had come all the way to Vienna just to be with her. "He asked me to go over to him, but I canceled the meeting, because I had fallen in love with a Hungarian man," Kuchta said. Ouch!