October 12th, 2012

Convoy of Foreign SUVs in Crazed, Drug-Fueled Hungarian Countryside Cop Rundown, Shootout

A bizarre and deadly incident took place yesterday afternoon near the Csongrád County village of Apátfalva near the Romanian border, after an Austrian man driving a Hummer sports utility vehicle ran over and killed a Hungarian motorcycle policeman and was then felled by a fusillade of bullets from the fallen cop’s partners.

The action took place around lunchtime, when cops tried to stop a convoy of four of the military-style American vehicles, which were returning from a trip to Romania. The police were preparing to issue speeding fines to the drivers of the vehicles when one apparently decided to instead make a getaway.

One of the cops reportedly gave chase, passed the fleeing vehicle and parked his bike in the road, apparently expecting the Hummer to stop, which it didn’t. The 34-year-old patrolman, identified as Imre K., was run over and died of his injuries while on route to the hospital.

Having seen their comrade struck down, the other officers on the scene opened fire, hitting the driver four times, leaving him seriously wounded.

The driver of the Hummer that ran over the cop, who has been tentatively identified as one Thomas B, is now facing murder charges. The alleged killer had been initially identified as a German, rather than Austrian, citizen.

An official of the Prosecutor’s Office today said that while a search for drugs in the cars came up negative, the driver who killed the officer was “probably” under the influence of opiates.

The deceased policeman has been posthumously promoted to lieutenant, while his killer is, somewhat ominously, now under “police guard” in the hospital.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. wolfi says:

    This is also big news in all German papers – the Austrian driver (most are happy it wasn’t a German …)is well known to police, strange that he still had a driver’s licence.

  2. Igor Ivanovitch Polcheski III says:

    Wolfi, you are talking out your ASS about things you know NOTHING about.

    There is more to the story than the official Bullshit

    • Enlightened says:

      Please then tell us the official story, or is it a secret, or maybe you are also talking out of your you know what.

  3. foog says:

    Wait a minute! Hotheaded Austrian…. everyone thinks he’s German… driving a Hummer…

    Holy Shit! Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in Hungary?

  4. wolfi says:


    So you know who Thomas B is ? Please tell us all …

  5. Mimi says:

    I hope he wasn’t a nazi.

  6. Building rationality again says:

    This animal, not a man, who is called Thomas B, who covers his face in fear is a coward, criminal, and is in this mess for a reason, which any other reasons cannot be excused.

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