October 3rd, 2012

Hungary Gives Warm Send-off to Bail-Jumping, Passport-Forging Child Pornographer

While Hungary is still feeling the heat from the botched release of infamous Azeri axe-murderer Ramil Safarov in August, another case involving the extradition of a criminal sought by another country is making headlines far from Hungary. This time the evil-doer is one Pablo Lapiedra (above left), a Spanish pornographer who has been busy for the past year or so avoiding extradition to Colombia, where he is accused of trolling local high schools for porno movie meat.

The details of the case are as hazy as they are lurid, but the crux is that a few weeks back the Hungarian Justice Ministry revealed that Lapiedra had been released from custody in Budapest, where he was being held pending the approval of an extradition request from the Colombian authorities. (He was released in April, but only now did the authorities say he had been let go.)

Lapiedra was nabbed on the Hungarian-Serbian border last December. He sought asylum in Hungary in January, but his application was denied.

As for why he wasn’t returned to Colombia to face the music, there seems to be a difference of opinion between the Colombians and Hungarians on this. Apparently there was a 40-day period in which he could be held, and the proper paperwork wasn’t sent over in time. But it has also been suggested from the Colombian side that the Ministry of Justice “backpedaled” on the extradition, a charge the ministry denies.

But here’s what’s really weird. Lapiedra was caught in Hungary after he skipped bail in Spain, while traveling on a forged Czech passport.

So let’s get this straight: If you are caught in the EU traveling on a forged EU passport while having jumped bail in another EU country, isn’t that, you know, enough of a crime that you might be kept in jail for more than a few months? Or just not if you are a porn king caught in Hungary?

Oh and to cap things off, the ministry here said that since Lapiedra is an EU citizen the Hungarian authorities are not supposed to know about his whereabouts, unless a new request comes in from foreign authorities to detain him, or he commits another crime. Which, given what he’s gotten away with so far, we have to assume he already has.

UPDATE: Eagle-eyed reader D.E. points out that part of the photo-collage that originally illustrated this story might have featured one of the underage “actors” Lapiedra is accused of improperly using in his porno movies. Thanks for pointing this out, D.E., for so very many reasons. Whoops!

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