May 18th, 2012

Two More Reasons to Run if You’re Stopped by the Cops in Budapest


In what must be a first in the long annals of people illegally posing as policemen in Hungary, a twenty-something couple was nabbed yesterday and charged with committing several audacious crimes while pretending to be actual rendőrök. In addition to doing “searches” of homes, the pair is also said to have actively “patrolled” certain public areas of Budapest, in one case gearing up with fake police IDs, guns, pepper spray and handcuffs, and detaining an innocent passenger on a BKV bus, and then, having rifled through his backpack and finding that it didn’t contain any valuables, trying to frog-march the poor sucker back to his house to see what valuables he had there. The police, needless to say, are furious at this outrageous usurping of their authority. []

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