April 17th, 2012

Ritual Slaughter of Bicyclists to Take Center Stage on Andrássy út

Construction work began yesterday on the moving of the bicycle lane on Andrássy út, following years of complaints by motorists and cyclists.

As the slightly-modified rendering above by state-run Budapest transport coordinator BKK indicates, the bike lane will be moved from a space between the sidewalk and parked cars and into the road itself, where local owners of Lamborghini Aventadors and the other high-performance (and foreign-plated) luxury cars often spotted flaunting traffic rules on the boulevard can more easily run down their two-wheeled antagonists without fear of having their rear-view mirrors or bodywork damaged by cyclists sneaking up beside them while they park illegally. [origo.hu]

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. C'est Moi says:

    Does it really make a difference as the inconsiderate bikers will continue to bike on the sidewalk?

  2. nathan says:

    Bikers ride on sidewalks because the drivers on the roads are really dangerous. Sometimes it’s just better to take the sidewalk, ride slowly, and avoid death.

  3. grinder says:

    show me a biker who claims to “ride slowly” and i’ll show you an irresponsible filthy liar… and a twat on wheels.

  4. C'est Moi says:

    Natan, the amount of complaining done about hazards of cars, which I don’t disagree with, does not absolve bikers of being the same sort of cunts to walkers on the sidewalk. Even when they do use the bike paths, most ignore any road rules or think they are in some sort of street race.

  5. Harry says:

    Calm down guys – let’s be honest and acknowledge that the people you feel are most annoying person on Budapest’s roads are everyone other than you. It doesn’t matter what method of transportation they’re using. If they are in your way, they’re “cunts, twats and filthy liars” as it were.

  6. Koermendi says:

    “Flouting”, not “flaunting”. Thanks.

  7. Motorist having a hard time says:

    These new lanes would be great if there was a law forcing cyclists to use them, and nothing else where they exist. The average motorist and pedestrian is fed up having to give way to these louts on wheels, safe in the knowledge that the law says they can do no wrong (even when, due to their own recklessness, they fall under the wheels of an 18 wheeler, an event that sadly doesn’t happen enough)

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