April 10th, 2012

Machete Mass-Murderer a Bit Stressed Out But Otherwise Okay, Thanks

As you may have heard, last week there was a bit of rather extreme nastiness in Fejér County, owing to the decision of a 24-year-old man to kill most of the occupants of his family’s house in Kulcs, mostly with a machete.

While it was initially reported that killer Csanád Horváth (left) had done all of his dirty work on Friday, it later turned out that he had actually started by stabbing his brother on Wednesday before moving on to his grandparents on Thursday and then on Friday finally turning his attention to his father, his sister and her partner, the latter of whom somehow managed to survive.

If all that seems a bit weird, it’s nothing compared to some other additional details that have since come out. According to this report, the guy is more or less “perfectly normal,” and investigators are apparently refusing to say he is nuts, even though he readily confessed to the killings, which started off after a family dinner. Indeed, Horváth’s sister Réka confirmed that he had no history of drug use or insanity – though was “addicted” to computer games – and the local mayor was quoted as calling the family “ordinary.” As if to underscore how common the unfortunate situation is, Réka said she’d “never forgive” her brother for what he did. WTF.

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