April 6th, 2012

Ho Yes: Did Miss Hungary Do Dubai?

Mariann “Maya” Bertók, winner of one of the many Miss Hungary beauty contests last year, was recently linked to the “Dubai scandal” which alleges that many Hungarian women celebrities traveled to the gulf state for prostitution. Allegations of celebrities traveling to Dubai for sex have become so widespread that it has led to the Hungarian neologism dubájozni, literally “to Dubai”, meaning to fuck for money.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. " Anything For A Buck " Jackson says:

    Is this news? Everyone knows that Hungary, as well as all nations east of Austria, lack any type of moral standards. You could pay $100 an hour to most 18+ high school or college girls, recently divorced “ladies” and even nagy mama. I’m simply waiting for the Hungarian government to decree “Human kolbasz now legal to sell at the market!”

  2. Klara says:

    No, no – dubai did miss hungary!

    jackson you can hardly call this lack of morals, instead it is economic savvy on the part of these enterprising young women. apparently better than a minimum wage job and who can blame them?

  3. Tony Manero says:

    Yup, I even did yo Nagymama for 10 bucks, Jackson

  4. LYN says:

    Klara….right you are! I bet Jackson is going through the garbage of closed restaurants digging for bottles at night and thinking that is a better way to make a buck! LOL Hey Tony….I heard she was only 500 forints?

  5. " Haaat, Dubajozni Megyek Mama ! " Jackson says:

    Dear Klara, I have a great job for you in Dubai. Szeretnel Dubajozni? How about your mom or sisters? I can make it ALL happen. Just say the word… It’s a great job!

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