March 21st, 2012

Zöld Pardon Back from the Dead!

In a cheering sign that the nightlife nightmare that tortured Budapest through much of last year may be a bad memory, Zöld Pardon, the raucous outdoor party spot that was forced to shut down by the District XI municipality in November, is set to reopen next month at a nearby location.

As the cute video above indicates, the new home of the club considered so important that parliament put aside discussions of Hungary’s economic meltdown to debate its fate is next to the Rákóczi (formerly Lágymányosi) bridge, about 500 meters south of its original location adjacent to the Petőfi híd.

Whether ZP will manage to stay out of trouble in its new digs is uncertain, though. One sign it won’t is that it apparently started promoting its April line-up before it had obtained all the necessary permits to reopen. Another is that the new location is within puking distance of Kopaszi gát, a green area popular with families. So enjoy it while it lasts! []

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