March 5th, 2012

Budapest Smoking Ban Implemented in Fits and Bursts

We had to shake the ash off the card before we could read what it actually said. Baby steps.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. Patrick says:

    A pity that some bars are ignoring the law, when most others are complying.

  2. Tom says:

    A pity that the law was passed in the first place.

    If they had passed a law with limits on maximum particles in the air in bars, then bar owners would be free to make a decision whether to invest in modern air filtration equipment; the smokers would be free to decide whether they would pay more for a beer in a bar where they can smoke. The anti-smoking fascists would be free to choose among bars with or without air filtration. Maximum freedom for all.

  3. Stewart says:

    I haven’t been over to Budapest this year yet but I am really looking forward to a smoke free atmosphere when I do visit next.

    ….and yes, I am an ex smoker

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