February 15th, 2012

Drugs Out, Incest In, as Politicians Continue Playing With National Penal Code

Following news last week that draft legislation in the works will involve harsh new penalties on those caught using or trafficking in illegal drugs in Hungary, the National Resources Ministry on Monday published a remarkable document listing dozens of psychoactive substances prone to abuse, many of which remain outside of the scope of the country’s laws. The list, which you can download here, includes the following drugs, all of which are likely to get you in heaps more trouble if you’re caught doing them once they finish fiddling with the rules:

Acetorphine (acetorfin), Acetyl-alpha-methylfentanyl (acetil-alfa-metilfentanil), Acetylmethadol (acetilmetadol), Alfentanil (alfentanil), Allylprodine (allilprodin), Alphacetylmethadol (alfacetilmetadol), Alphameprodine (alfameprodin), Alphamethadol (alfametadol), Alpha-methylfentanyl (alfa-metilfentanil), Alpha-methylthiofentanyl (alfa-metiltiofentanil), Alphaprodine (alfaprodin), Anileridine (anileridin), Benzethidine (benzetidin), Benzylmorphine (benzilmorfin), Betacetylmethadol (betacetilmetadol), Beta-hydroxyfentanyl (béta-hidroxifentanil), Beta-hydroxy-3-methylfentanyl (béta-hidroxi-3-metilfentanil), Betameprodine (betameprodin), Betamethadol (betametadol), Betaprodine (betaprodin), Bezitramide (bezitramid), Cannabis, cannabis resin and extracts and tinctures of cannabis (Kannabisz, kannabisz-gyanta, -extraktum és -tinktúra), Clonitazene (klonitazén), Coca leaf (Koka levél), Cocaine (kokain), Codoxime (kodoxim), Concentrate of poppy straw (CPS) (mákszalma koncentrátum), Desomorphine (dezomorfin), Dextromoramide (dextromoramid), Diampromide (diampromid), Diethylthiambutene (dietiltiambutén), Difenoxin (difenoxin), Dihydroetorphine (dihidroetorfin), Dihydromorphine (dihidromorfin), Dimenoxadol (dimenoxadol), Dimepheptanol (dimepheptanol), Dimethylthiambutene (dimetiltiambutén), Dioxaphetyl butyrate (dioxafetil-butirát), Diphenoxylate (difenoxilát), Dipipanone (dipipanon), Drotebanol (drotebanol), Ecgonine (ekgonin), Ethylmethylthiambutene (etilmetiltiambutén), Etonitazene (etonitazén), Etorphine (etorfin), Etoxeridine (etoxeridin), Fentanyl (fentanil), Furethidine (furetidin), Heroin (heroin), Hydrocodone (hidrokodon), Hydromorphinol (hidromorfinol), Hydromorphone (hidromorfon), Hydroxypethidine (hidroxipetidin)

And that only brings us through the letter “I”, as in “incest” – which, oddly, is now about to become less illegal.

While tightening the screws on drugs, the new draft penal code will loosen the strings on vérfertőzés. According to Index, the government thought that the current penalty – one to five years in prison – is “excessive” compared to “international practices” as well as the punishment meted out for other crimes. As a result, the most you can get for incest is three years, while sex involving siblings (including twins!) will only cost two years’ max.

The government’s new pro-incest policy could be seen as clashing with its new anti-drug policy, which according to state newswire MTI seeks to “help the physical and mental development of young people, as well as to strengthen families and utilize the power of communities.” That said, if there are really not going to be any drugs available from now on, we’re certainly willing to give it a try.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. Bothered says:

    Agreed! The photo and the closing comment are unnecessary and in extremely bad taste. If I were one of the twins, I wouldn’t hesitate to take legal action!

  2. InFidel says:

    I think ill start up a postal service, if anybody here requires good drugs just lemme know and ill ship it discretely… specialties are metaamphetamines, MDMA, seriously high grade coke and a sweet afghani hashish….

  3. Pestiside Staff says:

    Okay okay okay, we’ll spare the twins.

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