December 12th, 2011

Major Bummer as Gov’t Outlaws Nine “Designer” Drugs

sad-addict.jpgHungary will ban nine psychoactive drugs from January 1, including five synthetic cannabinoids, Methylone, 4-MEC, 4-FA and MDPV, in a bid to prevent the spread of new types of designer drugs that caught on in Hungary after the ecstasy market collapsed in 2009-2010.

Mephedrone (4-MCC), the most popular party drug of 2010, was banned early this year but it was soon replaced by a spate of new legal psychoactive drugs, sold mainly online.

Most of these drugs are reportedly imported from China and India. []

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. Beastie Boy says:

    Yeah well if some of you hungarizens fell distressed about this, hint
    me here and ill hook you up with whatever your heart, body and
    soul may require… but i guess this silly piece of law will have a
    much practical effect as Main Man Orbans law prohibiting the use of
    foreighn words in great Magyarorsag…

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