September 28th, 2011

Scandinavian Scammers Take Time Out to Pose for Photos with Victims

norwegian-scammer.jpgThere are various ways to get scammed in Budapest, what with “hyena taxis” and “girls who know a good place,” but those are cases of locals screwing over foreigners. Now it seems there are foreigners screwing over the locals, namely the (possibly) Norwegian guy in this photo, who went to a Hungarian with the sob story that he and he buddy had been robbed and needed to get back to Norway to defend their doctoral dissertation. Most everything had been taken care of, minus a ferry ticket that would cost them €188, which they couldn’t pay electronically since the ferry only accepts cash payments within 48 hours of departure. Hence the need for some local assistance.

Cue the unfortunate local woman who wanted to make things right, and helped the two scammers out, by giving them €190 after their father forwarded an email confirmation that the money had been wired to her account. According to the mark, everything looked legit and the guy even posed for the photo above for verification, but after she went home to verify the bank’s swift code, she instead came across similar stories, and realized she had been duped. We suppose it’s better than being frog marched to an ATM, however. []

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. James Ford says:

    The only “evidence” of his nationality is what he said to the mark (and the name on the bank statement)? For some reason he doesn’t strike me as Norwegian…

  2. Viking says:

    For some reason he doesn’t strike me as Norwegian…

    You know, you can just not trust Norwegians…
    Just ask this Spanish flasher who got arrested in Playa Flamenca, Spain, by 5 female Norwegian Police Officers

    There are some nice pictures from this citizen’s arrest
    The Police Officers are the ones wearing a bit more clothing than just socks and shoes
    So better beware of the Norwegians, they are everywhere, ready to inflict problems

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