August 12th, 2011

Sziget Update III: Foreigner Festival Fashion Trends are Fabulous and/or Frightening


With so many people coming from so many different countries for Sziget, we figured we’d take a look at what we assume are the current fashion trends abroad, perhaps as a way of looking into what might soon be the latest trends here, such as what appears to be a modern hipster version of Fred Flintstone.


Leopard print looks set to cross the gender divide. Not that it should.


You have to wonder what went into this sailor hat, orange-striped shirt and kilt combo.


The Hello Kitty backpack is one thing. The hair headband is another.


I don’t even know what to make of this one.


It apparently has a friend, however.


This girl’s outfit was rather cheeky…


…as was this guy’s.


You have to wonder if this guy was among the throngs who lined up to see the newlywed couple parade through London.


And last (for now at least), apparently the Mexican wrestler look is going to be the next big thing soon.

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