May 17th, 2011

We’ll Bet You €2.99 This is the Most Pathetic Story You’ll Read Today

evicted.jpgThe government of the town of Sárospatak (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County) started evicting nonpaying residents – including families with small children – from local government-owned apartments yesterday, following the expiration of a moratorium on such removals. Mayor János Aros (Fidesz) said a total of ten apartments would be emptied of tenants who had accumulated debts of between Ft 130,000 and Ft 150,000 (€485-€560) for non-payment. As for why we say “most pathetic” story rather than “most outrageous,” read on.

One reason is that the town says it has made preparations for providing suitable accommodation for any impacted children, and that six of the families involved (who, yes, we also assume are Roma) actually own properties – or parts of properties – elsewhere. Meanwhile, the monthly rent they didn’t pay ranged from Ft 800-Ft 1,000 (€2.99-€3.75), meaning that hypothetically some of them could have been dodging a monthly rent nut costing less than a cheap bottle of wine since sometime late in the last century. Good grief. []

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. "My Left Wing Is Quite Big" Jackson says:

    If you don’t follow your children’s education, they will end up in jail or dead. If you drink, smoke and do drugs, your life will end up in the gutter. If you don’t pay your lease/rent/mortgage or utility bill, you will end up homeless and cold on the street. Is this really so difficult? Should we all hold hands and cry?…

  2. Laca says:

    oh yeah and the rest are forced to pay 90 grand a month in mortgage/…:)

  3. “If you drink, smoke and do drugs, your life will end up in the gutter.”

    Come again?

  4. Szabad Ember says:




    It’s a really short article, yet you couldn’t be
    bothered to read the entire thing. Just stop making
    a fool of yourself, for everyone’s sake.

  5. "Rolling Stoned" Jackson says:

    Dear Free man. Try to associate. People are responsible for their own actions. Rent, bills, education, whatever. Drugs don’t work for anyone, except for Keith Richards. There are exceptions to all rules…

  6. Szabad Ember says:


    The article is about people who could easily pay
    their rent, or move to houses they own, but choose
    not to, because they like getting free rent (who
    doesn’t). Your comment must have been meant for
    another article, because it is totally misplaced

  7. Moskva Tér says:

    My wife (Hungarian) leaves the sink full of dirty dishes – on a
    daily basis -and this in spite of me trying to teach her otherwise
    for 10 years or so (leaving the kitchen useless). And ive noticed
    this peculiar behavior in many hungarian homes.
    I once in Budapest cycled along some road and at a point the
    road was blocked by some debris. Right next to the “block” was a
    bus stop where some 8 people waited,- none of them even
    considered removing the very light wood and clearing the road –
    I did that….
    Point is that you people seem to have absolutely no feelings for
    responsibility for anybody but your own little pityfull selfes…
    Wonder if this is what communism did to you…. or is it some
    ancient belief that you’re above other people….
    Anyhows, screw it, im gone and aint ever commin’ back…
    And, hah, if i was Eric id shut down these sites where all your
    crap hatret seems to bloom and get the fuck outta

  8. wolfi says:

    OT, but this should be on pestiside (or was it ?):

    Yes, you can have fun in Hungary – with a liitle money …

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