May 12th, 2011

Hungary, Nation of Fashion Victims – Literally



Remember our heads-up a few months back about the Ministry of Public Administration-organized fashion design contest? We can now announce the winner. And the losers. Among which is likely to be you.

We suspected that the hot new look at a fashion competition sponsored by a government full of frumpy, fag-hating nationalists would have something old about it, and girlfriend, were we ever right! Top honors at Saturday’s Gombold újra (“Re-think/re-button! Magyar is the Mode!”) finals went to Renata Gyöngyösi, for what the Wall Street Journal diplomatically called a “Metallic-Folklore collection, which combined stylized folk patterns, shapes and underskirts with a metallic-rock feel.” Some of these are pictured up top. Below that is, er, something else.

We hope you enjoy the clothes. Especially if pay taxes in Hungary, in which case you’ve already bought the whole collection – at full price, and with no returns or exchanges.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. borisbadenovisback says:

    In order to be a real fashion designer, you have to be a faggot. There have been very few women who were top designers because, in fact, art is a man’s job. Hungary produces models, not designers. I only wish the best for these designers but Elvtars Rakosi would have had all of these artists digging their own graves for crimes against the Proletariat of all countries.

  2. Erik says:

    @boris: Wow, that’s a lot of hate! But I do love how
    you say that real fashion needs to be done by gay
    men because “art is a man’s job.” Twisted.

  3. borisbadenovisback says:

    @Erik: C’mon dude, there is no hate involved whatsoever. Fags and their enablers want to control your thinking. They want you to use “their” vocabulary and, ultimately, to accept their conduct as normal. Be a real man and reject this brainwashing and these manipulations.
    Since I also make distinctions between what men are and what they do — one can hate the sin without assaulting the sinner — one has to make a distinction between fine art and fashion design. All of the greatest artists were men. Most of the best fashion designers were and are faggots. Fine art is timeless; fashion design is as permanent as a woman’s opinion about a dress. Csok a csaladnak.

  4. Erik says:

    @boris: Okay, then take my word for it when I say
    that I’m not hating your mother when I say she was
    only good for cooking and cleaning, and that your father was (or is) a faggot. :)

  5. borisbadenovisback says:

    @Eric: And there you go again; unable to make distinctions much less an argument.

    Whenever liberals, marxist-fascists, progressives, and/or faggots are unable to argue an issue dispassionately, they ALWAYS resort to Ad Hominem arguments.

    But your little remark also proves my point: being a homosexual is NOT something to brag about, is it?

  6. klara says:

    :) boris! gohomealready

    you are certainly proving points, none of them favor you.

  7. klara says:

    gees, i almost forgot about the “fashion”
    gimme t-shirts and jeans if the alternate choice is to wear these…any of these. although, my sagging boobs may look great in the clear plastic.

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