August 31st, 2010

Did America Almost Bomb Its Own Embassy in Budapest?


Over on we see that the US Embassy in Budapest – as well as several other buildings adjacent to it on District V’s Szabadság tér – was evacuated yesterday due to the unearthing of a World War II-era bomb during some construction work. While we can’t say for sure, the construction work that led to the explosive discovery seems to have involved putting in some spectacularly ugly anti-bomb pylons around the bunker-like embassy “compound.” Also, what are the odds that the bomb itself had been dropped by an US plane, or at least one belonging to the Brits or another “allied” power? Either way, hahahahahahaha dumbass Americans!

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments below, a) the bomb was Soviet, and b) the work was being done on “gas pipes.” As for a), recall that the Soviets were and “allied” power of the US, and b) the work on the gas pipes may still have something to do with the giant gas pipe/bomb-like poles Joe American is surrounding his bunker with.

UPDATE (II): This just landed in our mailbag: “Who ever called Americans dumbass would give his right arm to live in a free country. Anvie is oozing from the negative reteric. And yes Brits are allied with USA without the young man and woman arriving 65 years ago you would be kissing naci assas.” No comment!

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. not an american says:

    cool story, insulting americans. hating america, so original.

  2. "Holy Hungary" Jackson says:

    I see… So an unearthed bomb turns America into a dumbass nation, eh? I could write a book on the atrocities your little $2 nation has been a part of. The most blatant are health care, poisoning of the land and water, murder by police, political crimes, housing, kidnapping, the mafia, the “legal” mafias, sex crimes, looting, stabbings… The list goes on and on. You are worried about a single bomb? I would be safe to bet there are tens of thousands of dud bombs all over Europe along with hundreds (maybe thousands) of pounds of uranium floating in the air, under water and in the earth thanks to Hungarian open strip uranium mines your “comrades” had control of from 1940’s through the 1980’s. B o o M !

  3. Szabad Ferfi says:

    Americans may indeed be dumbasses, but your logic is a little flawed. Are you saying that they are dumbasses because they don’t remember exactly where they dropped bombs 65 years ago, and whether those bombs exploded, or because they put up ugly bomb barriers? I do see the irony in almost killing themselves with a bomb in order to protect themselves from bombs, though.

  4. Szabad Ferfi says:

    After reading the article on your sister site that YOU LINKED TO IN THIS ARTICLE, I have to say that the dumbass is you, who failed to notice that in that article, it specifically says that the bomb was Soviet, and that the construction was for gas pipe replacement work. Your sloppiness and disregard for the facts are the real problem with “journalism” nowadays.

    Still you do occasionally come up with some funny news items, so all is forgiven.

  5. all your bombs are belong to us says:

    it’s monday alright… no one can take a joke.

  6. PiP says:

    Agreed all your bombs are belong to us, lots of humour bypass jobs on this thread.

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