April 9th, 2010

BREAKING: Hungarians Fat, Drunk, Bummed Out, Dying

According to this story, five million people in Hungary are overweight, three million are depressed, one million have diabetes and 650,000 have tuberculosis. Not sure which is worse: the possibility that half the country is fat, with a significant portion of the fatties also being diabetic, TB-ridden and clinically depressed, or that all this misery is evenly spread out, in which case this would account for 9.6 million of the country’s current population 10 million – ten million and dropping, that is. Ouch.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. sdfgasdasdfa says:

    I am Hungarian and these facts are insulting and incorrect.

  2. "Fat Ass" Jackson says:

    Well, yea. You believe that to be the case simply because you are surrounded by other fat assed, depressed, poorly serviced individuals who haven’t been to see a Dr. in years. If you are in a room with a bunch of sick people, it begins to look normal after a while. I once read that the average cow in Hungary has 2 visits a year by the vet to make sure it’s healthy. I guess you guys should dress up like cows and wait for the vet to arrive twice a year, or maybe even thrice.

  3. BlackStar says:

    considering you call yourself Fat Ass that seems a rich call. as is the highly likely possibility that you are not based in Europe bewcause if you were youd know that these ratio stats are no different by and large to the other surrounding countries. even if it were true your a rude wanker and most likely a fat fuck yourself

  4. "Cow Suit" Jackson says:

    Well, I have a new name for myself on every post. Fat ass, no. Realistic, yes. So, have you put your cow suit on yet? Moooo…

  5. Horvath Akos says:

    The major health issue in Hungary, lung cancer, isn’t even mentioned. It’s really shocking: http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-top-ten/countries-by-highest-death-rate-from-lung-cancer.html

    The HU diet is not renowned for its health or quality. Food is typically too fatty and too salty.

    Personal emotional health is also a significant problem here – all fed by the ‘I deserve pity and I couldn’t care less about other people’ attitude’, which is unfortunately all too common. It’s always surprising how people get insulted or offended by these real facts about HU.

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