November 17th, 2009

Gene Simmons Gives American Soldier a Big Hungarian Kiss

Most people know of Kiss bass player Gene Simmons‘s infamous tongue, but very few know of his Hungarian roots, even Hungarians. Simmons and the rest of the band recently visited injured veterans in America, where a Hungarian-American soldier with the last name “Kiss” spoke to the band, prompting Simmons to bust out in Hungarian, leaving the people present to wonder if the man with the infamous tongue was now simply speaking in tongues. Skip ahead to about 45 seconds into the video to see the exchange. []

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. C'est Moi says:

    Sorry, but according to most of the trolls here he is not of Hungarian roots…just another descendant of a Jew forced out of the country.

  2. Gabor says:

    C’est Moi: Give me a break. You don’t have to make a political statement out of this. If you listen to what he said and understand Hungarian, all he said was that his Mom was born in Hungary and that he speaks Hungarian.

  3. Jules says:

    C’est moi: you are just another reason why this country is going nowhere, fast. Sick. Grow up. The man’s mother was born in Hungary, thus she is Hungarian and left Hungary after surviving the mass deportation and murder of Jews by her own Hungarian neighbors. I know people like you are very proud of yourselves for that fact. Know that there is a special place in Hell for you and people like you.

  4. C'est Moi says:

    Gabor – I know what he says. It was not relevant to the point I was trying to make.
    Jules – Either you missed my point or you are part of the group of people I was trying to point out, I think the former. There are too many in this country, and on this website, who always claim someone is Hungarian, or descendant of, while over- looking their Jewish roots which they would normally not piss on to put out a fire. My point, and I forgive you for not understanding it, is that you cannot have it both ways. Acknowledge the achievements that Hungarians have made abroad but realize that many of them are Jews and are there because they were forced out of here because of hate. If seeing this hypocrisy this gets me my on spot in hell then so be it.

  5. Jules says:

    So as a practicing Catholic, am I not Hungarian as well? Who and what determines ethnic, cultural, religious heritage? Are you honestly saying that a Jewish person born and raised in Hungary, speaking only Hungarian and considering themselves Hungarian is not really Hungarian simply because his/her religion happens to be Jewish? That’s insane.

  6. Benny the dwarf is BACK says:

    It’s one thing to dress like that on stage, but how
    can those KISS guys stand there in a gym in full
    metal dress and not feel like complete dorks?

  7. Gabor says:

    @C’est Moi: let’s get it out in the open: are you Jewish? Do you have an agenda here, to make all Hungarians look bad? I do not condone racism or bigotry, but I did get the distinct feeling that you are trying to make a cause celebre out of the fact that Gene Simmons happens to have said something in Hungarian and that he happens to be Jewish. I have great respect for all Hungarian Nobel Prize winners, whether they are Jewish or not. And in fact, most of them are Jewish. I am still proud of them. Jews have lived in Hungary for hundreds of years, and there were no pogroms in Hungary like in the rest of Europe. Hungary was practically the only country in Europe where Jews were given the title of noblemen. All of this changed after the shameful treaty of Trianon which pushed the pan-Slavic dream and destroyed my homeland and its social balance. I do not like what is going on today either, with the radical right wing and their agenda, but you need to look deeper at the causes and not just spit out venom against a whole nation.

  8. Someone Else says:

    Umm, I think most of you missed the irony in C’est Moi’s original post, and that he wasn’t directing his comment at Gene Simmons but at the far-right fuckwits, who of late have kept their mental diarrhea confined to

  9. C'est Moi says:

    Jules – You must be new here. Read some of the older posts and you can see how almost all of them finish up. Gabor -Not that I expect you or anyone else to believe an almost anonymous poster but I am not Hungarian or Jewish, I’m a non-practicing episcopal. I have no agenda make Hungarian look bad, only the tribes of psudo-magyar here (website, not country) and I wasn’t even close to ‘spitting out venom’. Someone Else – Thanks, I thought I was going to have to explain myself again.

  10. Gabor says:

    Aahh so – Someone Else understands C’Est Moi :)

  11. C'est Moi says:


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