October 28th, 2009

Three More Reasons to Melt Down Your Bicycle and Sell it for Scrap

  • A 77-year-old woman was killed when the bicycle she was riding ran into a tractor last Wednesday in Maklár. The néni hit one of the wheels of the tractor, which was coming from the opposite direction, fell off her bike and died. The Eger Police are now trying to determine the exact circumstances of the accident, and the reason the old lady kicked the bucket. [hirtv.hu]
  • An as-yet-unidentified Magyar motorist led two Austrian police vehicles on a long chase through Eastern Austria and Western Hungary yesterday until he was apprehended by some of our local boys over in Győr. The 27-year-old driver had refused to stop for a roadside check across the border in Austria, apparently because the boot of his car contained a stolen reel of copper wire. Along the way he ran over a 26-year-old man riding a bicycle through the village of Abda, causing serious injuries to the cyclist. The Hungarian authorities charged the driver with “dangerous driving” and “neglecting to offer help” – presumably after rolling over the poor cyclist – while the Austrian coppers are investigating the copper. [mti.hu]
  • A 61-year-old cyclist was killed in an accident with a car in Szeged on Saturday. Unlike the above two incidents, there doesn’t seem to be anything special or mysterious about this one; the cyclist had failed to use either lights or a safety vest, was run over by the car, and croaked on the spot. [hirszerzo.hu]
And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. Fidel says:

    A safety vest!
    Was he sailing or what.
    I dont get it, why would he wear a safety vest cycling?

  2. Jorge says:

    It just goes to show, if you value your life and personal safety, do not live in Hungary.

  3. in-fidel says:

    ahhh perhaps he was on a water cycle (theres a river in Szeget, isnt
    there) and the truck was actually some kind of amphibian truck and
    the poor guy drowned… he should have worn a safety vest, i agree!

  4. wolfi says:

    Well, this discussion uses a strange kind of dark humour – but these socalled “safety vests” which reflect light very strongly are really a safety measure.
    In many Europian countries the law says you have to put on one of these when you have to get out of your car on the road.
    Where we live (near the Balaton) it also is a very good idea for cyclists to wear them, because the roads are – well Hungarian roads…

  5. tom says:

    Actually it has nothing to do with the actual story above but it reminded with once againa about the difference in the circumstances in europe and USA.

    “and “neglecting to offer help” – presumably after rolling over the poor cyclist”.

    Indeed in most european countries it is crime if you see someone needing help and you don’t stop and do something, however, i just was in Miami and the police was distributing leaflets about how to stay safe (=you stay in your hotel and lock all the doors) and it was specifically instructing NOT to stop and help if you see an accident or similar but you should contact nearest police station instead. Once again i realized how much safer and civilized the life is over here….

  6. Jorge says:

    tom: this is coming from someone who had lived in both the United States and Europe for many, many years. Compared to the US, Europe is shit.

    You don’t like it how the police operates in America, I suggest you live in Hungary instead. As that is the lifestyle quality that you so richly deserve, tom. Safe and civilized, just like you like it.

  7. fidel funk says:

    But then again, if he’d been on a water cycle and worn a safety
    vest, his lights – if he’d had them – probably would have failed due
    to the fact that he was in water…. unless of course they were water
    proof lights… arghhh theres something seriously fishy about this

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