October 1st, 2009

Dracula’s Dungeon Found in Time for Pécs 2010 Festivities


We can’t blame you if you’re feeling at least a little suspicious given the timing of this discovery, nonetheless, pecsinapilap.hu is reporting that the remains of Dracula’s dungeon, or at the very least his cellar have been found under the central Széchenyi tér in Pécs. According to the story, Vlad Tepes, as Dracula was known, owned a now demolished house on one end of the square, and the long narrow cellar beneath it was only discovered recently during renovation works.

The article adds that excavation of the site has yet to begin, but “who knows what kinds of horrific things could have happened down there?” For our part, we’re just glad to read something that can be categorized as positive news has finally come out of Pécs over its plans to be the European Capital of Culture next year, instead of what has so far been a never-ending stream of scandal and chaos.

And here is what people were saying back before we forced readers to use Facebook to comment. Weren't those the days?
  1. Stunko says:

    No matter what Pecs does at this late stage of the game, the year 2010 will show the world that the city and the country it is situated in cannot do anything right. Not even up to lax Euro-standards.

    I lived at 10 Szecheny ter in Pecs for a few years, and everyone knew back then where the old Dracula house stood. Why are they digging for its cellar now?

    Thanks, Zoltan, for the update. Are they really going to have ANYTHING going on in Pecs next year? And just how will foreign visitors find it and get there, considering there is no real airport and commercial flights to Pecs, only an ancient landing strip, and considering the “autobahn” from BP is not done, either? Will the visitors fly into BP, then find their way somehow to Deli Palyaudvar by taking the metro or a taxi, then the train?

    Too weird for words. Sad, more than anything, really. It used to be such a nice, orderly city — what has happened, I wonder?

  2. pécsi says:

    Simple answer-too many years of socialist councils.

  3. Interesting article also the Hungarian one it links. Hopefully the coming FIDESZ reign will do good for the town!

  4. Susan Heder says:

    We will be arriving in Pecs from Canada in 2 weeks. We love the train trip from Budapest to Pecs. After the busy-ness of Budapest, it is nice to take a slow approach through the countryside, the hills, and finally to arrive in Pecs. Air travel is nice, but there is still a place for trains. We hope that there is good direction on Pecs 2010 sites about how to get to Pecs on non airline transport. We see on the webcam that Szechenyi Ter is quite a mess (is this the digging that discovered the Dracula connection). THIS we hope will be greatly improved by 2010. In our 5 or 6 years coming to Pecs, my husband and I have become very fond of this city and hope it does well in 2010. It is a very beautiful and very human city. Good luck

  5. Stunko says:

    “We love the train trip from Budapest to Pecs.”

    MY INSTANT CORRECTION: That may be, it’s just this week, employees of the Hungarian State Railroad (MAV) is ON STRIKE. So, you would not be able to take that lovely train ride from BP to Pecs, anyhow.

    Not only that, the labor unions of MAV folks promise plenty of service stoppaged specifically on the BP to Pecs rail route throughout 2010. Figures.

    “We hope that there is good direction on Pecs 2010 sites about how to get to Pecs on non airline transport.”

    MY TAKE: There isn’t any. Also, the Pecs railway station is almost completely shut down right now, due to “remodeling.” Szecheny ter is shut down as well, even for foot traffic. If you had seen the drawings as to how Szecheny ter will look after the “remodeling,” I am sure you would have shuddered.

    I guess you are not following the news concerning Pecs to closely, Susan. Pecs is doing so good, that there is still talk for another European city to come in at the last minute and take over the “cultural capital” title from unprepared Pecs.

  6. Leftover Lecsó says:

    Susan, please ignore “Stunko”, it’s yet another alias belonging to a troll who has decided to make Pestiside his home. “Stunko” also leaves idiotic comments under the following names:

    Advice Man
    Expat Hun
    Gyuszi G.

  7. Stunko says:

    @Lecsó, the Cheapesrt Food of the Concentration Camps: obviously YOU hadn’t been to Pecs for awhile, if ever, and just why do you want to show off as a sick intercoursed defective condom advert front of this nice little old Canadian lady, huh?

    Hey, maybe if you are from Canada, MAV will launch a special train from Budapest-Deli PU to Pecs just for you, after all… Huh, You Sick Dummkopf?

  8. C'est Moi says:

    Lesco – Aside from the pathetic last post, troll Stonko makes a pretty accurate assessment of the current state of affairs. You can’t seriously believe that Pecs will be ready by 2010? They should have selected 2020, at least by they Hungary might already be in the Euro Zone and you can ride on the M4 if you don’t mind the cars always breaking down.

  9. Leftover Lecsó says:

    C’est Moi, and therein lies the problem: I recognize Stunko/Advice Man/Bela/Donizelli/Expat Hun/Fantron/Filmic/Karman/Gyuszi G./Kocsog/Nyalasi’s style of leaving comments and simply ignore it, even if this time he had something valid to say. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf.

  10. C'est Moi says:

    Yes, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well, having to agree with such a disagreeable person.

  11. Stunko says:

    @Lecsó, you must be the cheapest, most disgusting food item of the concentration camps. Obviously, YOU hadn’t been to Pecs for awhile, if ever. So kindly, do NOT show off your sick intercoursed defective condom adverts to us, okay?

    @C’est Moi: stop your incessant bitching and go, screw yourself, Bud. Hey, come to think of it, didn’t I tell you to do this a number of times already, huh? Dumbass, and probably hard at hearing, too.

    You two “Pecs natives” are truly some pair o’ losers. Yeah, most definitely.

  12. C'est moi says:

    Lecso- It really is incredible that someone tries to draw us into a shouting match with such inane insults and invectives. I am never one to shrink from a good online ass-kicking but this is just silly.

  13. Leftover Lecsó says:

    It’s pathetic, and I simply act to warn others to not get drawn in.

  14. Stunko says:

    @Rotten Lecsó & Narcissistic C’est moi: you are some pair, huh? Heck, between the two of you, I bet neither of you had ever even BEEN to the city of Pecs, eh?

    Yeah, it figures.

  15. C'est moi says:

    No Skunko, I have never been to Pecs, one of the few more important cities I haven’t been to. I have heard good things about it. What I don’t understand, and I will make this simple for you, is that I AGREED with your original statement. It is just that you are such a vile human being that I have problems with. I am sure if you showed this thread to one of your friends, without mentioning who was who, they would scratch their head and say ‘who is this asshole skunko?’…really, give it a try.

  16. Stunko says:

    Self-Adoration C’est moi: since YOU have never even been to Pecs once, according to your own admission, why the fu*k are you vomitting verbally about an article dealing with Pecs in the first place? Huh?

    “I AGREED with your original statement.”

    MY RELATED QUESTION: So what? Who gives a crap? Maybe you should tell it to the Hanging Judge, maybe he cares… Why, what do you want now, the Legion of Honor medal, huh!?

    “…you are such a vile human being.”

    MY TWO CENTS WORTH ON THE ABOVE; Yeah, it definitely takes one to know one. Huh, Vile C’est Moi!?

    “…who is this asshole skunko?”

    MY TAKE: Yeah, in fact I am scratching my own head, since I have no mother fu*king clue who the mother fu*k this “skunko” is that the stupid-ass, all-f*ked-up C’est Moi is constantly barking about.

    Why, maybe YOU have a clue?? Pray tell, Dawg.

  17. ManBitesDog says:

    I like Pécs. Lots of cool hang out pubs and a dog guesthouse for 700huf. Loved the town.

  18. C'est moi says:

    Ahhh Skunko, you’re cute when you act all hard.

  19. Azamat Tukbayev says:

    That’s what his tranny partner said too.

  20. Stunko's arsehole says:

    This is the real Stunko talking. I am taking my head out of my arse for a few minutes to write this. Fuck off.

  21. Jorge says:

    Stunko’s arsehole: you sound a lot more like and ASSHOLE/ARSEHOLE and a lot less like Stunko, Te Hugyos, Bunko Fasszopo Allat.

  22. Meeta Rani Mannaert says:

    I am from India and hopefully will be in Pecs for an extended duration soon.

    Pecs has been chosen to be the European city of Culture of 2010 – for its extra-ordinary history,culture and beauty (and not for being able to do things right or not). It has already done great things in the past -for which it has been chosen.
    So relax – the people of Pecs. It will be OK.

    Everyone wants to be a great host and are nervous about how things will go. Pecs is no exception. But no matter what happens- People will still love Pecs for what it is already.

  23. Advice Man says:

    @Meeta, if you are indeed from India, then you shall soon find that the City of Pecs and your country have way too much in common. In fact, you could have probably saved the cost of the expensive airfare stayed back home and get the same exact ‘experience’ that Pecs will be able to offer its visitors in the coming year.

  24. Tanczer P. says:

    URGENT WARNING TO ALL COMMENTERS: I just got the lowdown from someone working for the Hungarian government that this site and its sister sites are under investigation for racist and inflammatory content. Further, that the government watchdog in charge of such secret police activities are recording the IP addressees of all commenters for possible identification purposes.

    I am not posting any more comments on this or any of the other All Hungary Media Group sites, and I urge all others here to do the same! I don’t think these web sites will be operational for much longer, if there is truth to what I had just heard from a most reliable “insider” source.

  25. Leftover Lecsó says:

    If the government was seriously doing this, they’d know that Tanczer P is yet another alias of the laughable idiot also known as:

    Advice Man
    Expat Hun
    Gyuszi G.

  26. david says:

    @Leftover Lecso. Wonderful news that it is gone. But what about the other alias, D, Frankoferto, Violet, Stunko and maybe Promise Land?

  27. Vándorló says:

    @Tanczer P: aka Advice Man/Expat Hun/Gyuszi

    You seem to be freaking out more than normal and
    your ‘normal’ is set at a very low threshold. Don’t
    worry New Jersey is a long way from here, so you
    should be OK unless the FBI are on your case, too?

  28. Stan says:

    Advice Man
    Expat Hun
    Gyuszi G.
    Tanczer P

  29. Leftover Lecsó says:

    Yeah, david, I missed a few. Can you blame me? Otherwise, thanks Stan for listing the other aliases he (and it’s probably a he) goes by, although I’m inclined to believe you’re not “the” Stan who used to leave comments here, so you might want to use a different handle (do a search and you’ll see what I mean). This is coming from a longtime lurker.

  30. Stan says:

    I know, I started using Stan to either lure Stan out or get The Jersey Queen out. I wondered was it an old alias of his but i think not.

  31. Vándorló says:

    @Erik: Or any editors/website managers. You can block spammers by just adding a simple file in your root directory of your website called “.htaccess” – the dot at the start of the name is important. Then the IP addresses you want to block are included in this file in this format:

    order allow,deny
    deny from
    allow from all

    The IP should be replaced with the address you want to block.

    This will stop a lot of website abuse by idiots!!!
    For more details consult http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/misc/rewriteguide.html

  32. Erik says:

    V: Yeah, I know that, but thanks. Don’t want to do temporary solutions, but in this case it may be called for. Anyway, we’ll have more on this *story* maybe later today. :)

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